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Film Short Subjects

After Seben

(May 17, 1929, Short Subject, 2 reels, Sound, Paramount)
Example of a combination of Charleston and Lindy just prior to the full transition from Charleston to Lindy.
George "Shorty" Snowden & Liza ???
Hotfoot Benny & Lizzy Highfly
Oliver Hemingway & ???
See Film Clip

Air Mail Special

(Dec. 8, 1941, Short Subject, about 2:15 min, Soundies Dist. Corp. of America)
Lindy dancing to Count Basie Orchestra.
See Film Clip

All The Cats Join In (from Make Mine Music)

(1944 Short Subject, Benny Goodman Orchestra & The Pied Pipers)

Cartoon Film Clip

'Alligators' Plus 'Kats' Plus 'Jive' Equals More Swing

(June 1938, Paramount Newsreel)
Shag Contests, Trucking, Lindy Hop

American Patrol

(Film Short with Tex Beneke and his Orchestra)
See Film Clip

Australian Jitterbugs Jitter

(Feb. 8, 1944, Paramount Newsreel - Australian news via Fox)
Australian Lindy dancing.

Be Bop

(Jan. 1949, Paramount Newsreel - Actualites Francaise (French Newsreel))
Jitterbugging couples in a Paris Night Club.

Big Apple

(Aug. 1937, Paramount Newsreel)
Demonstration of the Shag, Trucking, Suzie-Q, Charleston and Shine.
See Film Clip ... 1 ... 2

Big Bands

(Is a collection of soundies distributed by Video Yesteryear.)

Ray Hirsch
Patty Lacey

Block Party Revels

(Short Subject, about 2:50 min, with The 6 Knobs and The Harlem Cuties. Dir: Forrest Crouch)

Blues & Boogie "Some of These Days"

(About 2:50 min)

Maxine Sullivan


(Apr. 29, 1946, Short Subject, Soundies Dist. Corp. of America)

Jitterbug dancing with Helen Bangs and Albert Reese Jones.

Boy! What A Girl

(About 3:15 min. With Big "Sid" Callet and his Orchestra. Good high speed Lindy and Aerials)

Bugle Woogie

(Short Subject, about 2:40 min, with Suzanne Miller & Lorraine Page Orchestra. Globe Productions)

Chool Song, The

(1942 Short Subject)

Dancers: Dean Collins & Jewel McGowan (as "Collette") ... Film Clip

Cootie Williams and His Orchestra

(About 2:30 min. With Lindy Hoppers)

Leon James & Dottie Mae Johnson
Russell Williams & Connie Hill 

Dispossessed Blues

Dancers Unknown ... Film Clip 

Glen Gray And The Casa Loma Orchestra


Dean Collins & Jewel McGowan ... Film Clip 

Groovie Movie

(Apr. 6, 1944, Short Subject, A Pete Smith Specialty, MGM)

Traces the origin of modern Jitterbug dancing - with candid commentary by Pete Smith.

Bob Ashley
Lenny & Kay Smith
Chuck Saggau & Irene Thomas
Arthur Walch & Jeanne (Phelps) Veloz

Film Clip

Harlem Hoofers Fry Their Corns

(Aug. 1938, Paramount Newsreel)
Lindy dancing.

Harry, The Hipster Gibson

(Soundies Distribution Corp. of America. About 1:30 min. Dance, Jive, Swing)

Heat's on Again, The

(Mar. 16, 1943, Short Subject, Soundies Dist. Corp. of America)
Slapstick Jitterbug routine with the Three Heat Waves.

Hot Chocolate

(Dec. 31, 1941, Short Subject, about 3:00 min, Soundies Dist. Corp. of America)
Whitey's Lindy Hoppers with Duke Ellington.

Film Clip

It Takes "Hot Dogs" to win the Lindy Hop

(1931, Pathe Newsreel, #23, Sound)

It's Swing Ho - Come to the Fair

(Oct. 1939, Paramount Newsreel)
Jitterbugging crowds in front of City Hall in New York City.

Jamin' the Blues

(Dec. 18, 1944, Short Subject, Vitaphone Corp.)
Archie Savage and Marie Bryant dance the Lindy Hop.

Jasbos Swingin' Soundies

(Many for AMC/TV - see each individual listing herein)
Tuxedo Junction

Jazz Dance

(June 22, 1954, Short Subject, Roger Tilton)
Jazz dancing at the Central Plaza in New York City.
Leon James & Al Minns

Jazzy Joe

Dancers: Dean Collins & Jewel McGowan, Gil Fernandez & Patti Lacey
See Film Clip 1 ... Film Clip 2 ... .avi file

Jitterbug Jamboree

(Sept 1940, Hearst-Paramount-Pathe Newsreel)
Jitterbugs at New York World's Fair.

Jitterbugs Jive at Swingeroo

(June 1938, Paramount Newsreel)
Couples doing the Lindy Hop and Shag.

Jittering Jitterbugs

(About 3:25 min. The Big Apple with Whitey's Lindy Hoppers. An excellent example of the Big Apple)

Juke Box Joe's

(Film Short Subject)

Jack Arkin & Irene Thomas
Lenny Smith & Jeanne (Phelps) Veloz
Jerry Warren

Film Clip

Lady Be Good

(Film Short with Artie Shaw and his Orchestra - an excellent work for dance study)

Lazy Bones

(1941 Short Subject, Soundies Dist. Corp. of America)

Let Me Off Uptown

(Film Short with Gene Krupa and his Orchestra)


(June 7, 1943, Short Subject, Soundies Dist. Corp. of America)
Hal & Betty Takier
See Film Clip

Mr. Adam's Bomb

(About 2:00 min. Sepia Prods., Inc.)

New York World's Fair (1939/1940)

Dancers Unknown

Film Clip

Old Boston A-Jive with Jitterbugs

(Oct. 1938, Paramount Newsreel)
Couples doing Jitterbug at a Charity Fund Drive.

Outline of Jitterbug History

(Mar. 23, 1942, Short Subject, Soundies Dist. Corp. of America)
Whitey's Lindy Hoppers

Rug Cutters Holiday

(About 2:30 min. Swing Dancing to Ragtime Music)

Savoy Ballroom

(Film Short Subject about 4 min)

Solid Jive

(Short Subject, about 0:40 min, with Charles Moodie, Jr.)

Sophmore Swing

(1939, Short Subject, Vitaphone Corp., Sound)
New York Harvest Moon Ball dancers doing a Jitterbug sequence.

Sugar Hill Masquerade

(1942 Short Subject, Soundies Dist. Corp. of America)
Whitey's Lindy Hoppers

Symphony of Swing

(1930 Musical Short Subject starring Artie Shaw, Helen Forrest. Dir: Joseph Henabery)

Dancers: unknown

See Film Clip ... .avi file

Tabby The Cat

(1939 ??? Musical Short Subject. Dir: Dave Gould)

Dean Collins
Johnny & Jenny Duncan
Jack Arkin & Irene Thomas

Tuxedo Junction

(Dec. 31, 1942, Short Subject, Soundies Dist. Corp. of America - also on AMC/TV as Jasbos Swingin' Soundies)
The Lenox Hoppers

Woman's A Fool

(About 2:25 min with Red Calhoun & His Royal Swing Band)

Woodie Herman and his Orchestra

(1937, Short Subject, 1 reel, Vitaphone, Sound)
Shag Dancing.

Woodie Herman and his Orchestra

(Dec. 27, 1938, Short Subject, Vitaphone Corp., Sound)
Jitterbug specialists: Hal & Honey Abbott.

Technical Stuff


H. Leon Raper